The Miami Medical Center is proud to be a trusted home for mothers and the family they choose to keep close. We have an advanced maternity area with four labor and delivery, and three C-section rooms,  and exquisite suites dedicated to labor, delivery, recovery, and post-partum care. Our team of renowned Miami obstetricians ensures that this most momentous occasion is one marked by comfort, warmth, and attention to your individual needs.

For the comfort and safety of all expectant mothers, we offer complimentary prenatal maternity classes for patients considering delivering their baby with us.  To register click here.

Because the health and safety of mother and baby are of prime importance, we are pleased to partner with Nicklaus Children’s Hospital – a prominent facility dedicated to children and more than 130 pediatric sub-specialties in South Florida. Aligning with their accredited physicians, we will provide for every need and stand prepared for all possibilities.

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