At The Miami Medical Center, personalized registration is preceded by what counts the most- your trusted physician's recommendation to schedule your procedure in the safety of our brand new facility. We work closely together with your Physicians office to ensure a smooth scheduling that leads to registration at your convenience, personally or digitally via secure online services. 
Should you have any questions about registration,  kindly call us at  786-466-4410.  It will be our pleasure to assist you.

Registration and Surgery

Registration with us.

It is our pleasure  to welcome our patients to The Miami Medical Center.

On the day of your visit, we will ask you to:

  • Sign a treatment agreement form
  • Present your insurance cards
  • Verify your information

You should also be prepared to make financial arrangements. We strongly encourage you to contact your insurance company regarding coverage or pre-admission requirements before you visit us. If you do not have insurance or have questions regarding the cost of your upcoming scheduled service, please contact our Business Office at (786) 646-4340.

Surgery at The Miami Medical Center

 Thank you for choosing The Miami Medical Center. As our cherished guest, we’re here to help ensure that your time with us goes smoothly and that you leave us knowing you received world-class care from some of the most respected, forward-thinking physicians in South Florida.

The following information will outline the steps leading up to your surgery: what to expect the day of your procedure, and how to proceed after surgery has been completed.

Preparing for Surgery

We will schedule two appointments to help prepare you for surgery:  A pre-admission testing appointment and the surgery itself. These two appointments are set several weeks apart to allow for the addition of any consultations that may be required, such as pulmonology or cardiology.

Pre-Admission Consultation

 Prior to surgery, your pre-admission consultation will help our medical team gather important information about your medical and surgical history. During this time, we’ll also provide you with important instructions on how to prepare for your surgery or procedure. Our goal is to provide a safe surgery with no complications and no need for readmission.

Pre-Admission Telephone Call

Once your surgery has been scheduled, our pre-admission registrar will contact you to set up a phone call with a nurse concierge. These calls will generally last 20-30 minutes.

In preparation for this call, please have the following information available:

Active medication list
Names of primary physician, cardiologist, and pulmonologist
List of allergies, past medical history and prior surgeries

Pre-Admission Test

Next, we will schedule a time for you to visit us and undergo a standard pre-admission test. This test will include an administered physical by your medical doctor and a complete medical history, including any diagnostic tests that he or she may order, including:

Vital signs (blood pressure, body temperature)

  • Blood and/or urine testing
  • Bladder scan
  • Electrocardiogram

For your pre-admission test, please bring the following:

Valid insurance ID card(s)

  • Valid Driver’s License or government-issued photo identification
  • List of current medications (including vitamins and herbal products)
  • A copy of EKGs completed in the past six (6) months

The Day before Surgery

 At The Miami Medical Center, our nursing staff is here to help you, so please take the opportunity to clarify any questions or concerns you may have.

 The day prior to surgery, one of our hospital nurses will call you to confirm your surgery and arrival time, which is usually one to two hours before the surgery takes place. Our nurse will also provide guidance on which medications to take and at what time in relation to your surgery.

Please do not consume any food or drink, including water, after midnight prior to surgery unless instructed.

The Day of Surgery

Please bring all of your medications to the hospital in their original bottles. Hospital caregivers are required to reconcile your daily medications ordered by physicians outside of the hospital.

All our patients must be accompanied by someone who will be responsible to provide transportation after the surgery is complete. If you arrive unaccompanied, it is likely that your surgery will be cancelled.


Valuables/Personal Belongings

Please leave all valuables at home (purse, watches, jewelry, etc.) unless you can entrust these items to the person accompanying you during surgery.

If you wear contact lenses, please wear glasses the morning of surgery. If this is not possible, please bring the supplies necessary to store your lenses when they are removed.

Bathe the day of your procedure but limit the amount of hairspray, make-up and body lotions applied.

After your Surgery:  Outpatient and Inpatient

 Outpatient Surgery

After your outpatient surgery or procedure, you will be moved to our recovery area where you will be closely monitored until you are ready to go home. It is normal to feel discomfort in the area of your surgical site and you may experience some drowsiness or dizziness, depending on the type of anesthesia you received.

When you are fully awake, your family will be able to join you until you are discharged. Although times may vary, most patients are released one to three hours after surgery. Please make sure that the adult designated to drive you home is available as you will not be allowed to drive yourself.

Inpatient Surgery

After your surgery, you’ll be moved to the recovery area where you’ll be closely monitored until you’re safe to be transferred to an overnight suite. Patients requiring an overnight or extended stay at The Miami Medical Center will be enjoy one of our private and comfortable patient suites where your family is welcome to join you.

As our guest, we strive to be as accommodating as possible to you and your family’s needs. Each patient suite provides you with the comfort of home amenities and more, including:

Private and spacious area

  • Flat Screen Smart Televisions
  • Hotel-quality beds, bathroom and toilet linens
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi Access
  • Complimentary Room Service a la carte cuisine

Hospital Information

The Miami Medical Center is the vision of the most renowned physicians in the region and is committed to providing you with the exceptional care you deserve.

Our focus is to deliver clinical expertise and our goal is to continually exceed your expectations with exceptional personalized attention designed to improve your wellbeing,

We look forward to welcoming you to a new vision in healthcare.

The Miami Medical Center

5959 NW 7th Street

Miami, FL 33126

305.267.TMMC (8662)

844.459.4492 (International Toll-Free)






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