Medical Records Request

If you are requesting medical records on behalf of a current patient of The Miami Medical Center, a former patient of Metropolitan Hospital of Miami or if you are inquiring about a physician that treated you, please ensure supporting documentation accompanies your request (death certificate, letter of administration, letters of representation, executor/executrix of estate, etc.)

The following information must be provided with your request (in the HIPAA-compliant release form):

  1. Patient name (current and at date of service)
  2. Patient’s date of birth
  3. Patient’s address (current)
  4. Name and address of the facility where treatment was received (Hospital or Clinic)
  5. Name and address to which the records will be mailed
  6. Specific information to be released (Please note that requesting specific date ranges may exclude other portions of the records. If you are unsure of the dates, or would like the entire record, then check off “entire record” on the HIPAA-compliant release form.)
  7. Be sure to initial appropriate line when requesting alcohol/drug treatment, mental health or HIV records on the HIPAA-compliant release form

Be sure to sign and date request (requests are valid for one year from date of signature).
Fees will be calculated based on Florida release of information fee schedule guidelines.
Records will be shipped within 30 days after the appropriate release form and payment have been received.


For medical requests for The Miami Medical Center, please click here and here. All requests for medical records for Metropolitan Hospital of Miami must be received via a HIPAA-compliant release form. To print a HIPAA-compliant release form, please click here or call +1 (305) 913-4521 and a copy will be sent to you.

Submission Procedure for current patients of The Miami Medical Center:

US Mail
You may submit your request via US Mail at:
The Miami Medical Center
5959 NW 7th Street
Miami, FL 33126

Alternately, you may fax your submission to +1 (786) 646-4998.

Submission Procedure for former Metropolitan Hospital of Miami Patients:

US Mail
You may submit your request via US Mail at:
Iron Mountain
Attn: Metropolitan Hospital Records
3355 NW 114th St
Miami, FL 33167

Alternately, you may fax your submission to +1 (305) 953-7026