Domestic and International patients telephone numbers:

From the US, Canada, and the Caribbean: Toll free 844.459.4492

From all other countries:
+1 786.646.4520

We believe that all people deserve the most exquisite experiences when seeking healthcare, no matter where they may be in this world. As a medical tourism provider in Florida, The Miami Medical Center is delighted to serve patients domestically and from across the globe and facilitate every aspect of their travel, treatment and recovery.

Domestic & International

Valuable Care & Priceless Experiences

The Miami Medical Center has a medical tourism department with experienced specialists who can deliver a customized care plan for your specific needs.

We create targeted approaches that include diagnostics, treatment options, and recovery, ensuring you receive all that is needed in one extended stay. We also offer select procedures as part of bundled arrangements in transparent terms that are easily understood, which means you know your costs and can plan accordingly, with no surprises.

Door-To-Door Concierge Services

For those who come to our door from abroad, we want yours to be a simple and satisfying experience. No complications, no distractions.

We  offer comprehensive door-to-door concierge services, which are directed by a patient care coordinator and include assistance in all communications between patients, physicians, partners and providers, plus personalized services in the following:

  • Dedicated personal care coordinator
  • Airport pickup with personal driver
  • 24/7 support via phone services and online portal
  • Your needs matched with a custom care team at The Miami Medical Center
  • Multilingual physicians, surgeons, nurses and administrators
  • Bundled pricing packages for select procedures
  • Financial services to include coordinating cash pricing or working with domestic and international insurance carriers
  • Book air travel and recovery lodging with world-class resort and hotel partners
  • Track and facilitate follow-up care
  • Unparalleled experience for patients and those accompanying them

We look forward to serving you. Thank you for you.


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