The physician-owners of The Miami Medical Center – a carefully selected group of surgeons, obstetricians, and other specialists who lead their respective fields in South Florida play a direct role in the leadership of the hospital. We are a physician-owned and run hospital.

Building The Miami Medical Center emphasized as much importance in building the facility as it did to building its culture. Starting with leadership, clinical and executive, we have teamed up together to honor our patients.  From our vision to our delivery, we are changing healthcare forever.

The philosophy behind our hospital, started with questions to our physicians about their medical vocation and the concerns of their patients. The selection of our clinical and non-clinical staff was also of great importance- what motivates them most and least led to a culture of transformation.

The hospital’s unique positioning and growing organizational culture have allowed us to attract candidates who share in our new vision of healthcare. We believe that customer service is not a department, is a vocation, either you have it or not.

Whether you are a physician or an individual who believes and seeks the essence of medical care, we invite you visit us and join our movement, our mindset.