What medical services are offered at The Miami Medical Center?

The Miami Medical Center focuses on several clinical specialties and a birthing center, integrating treatment protocols that leverage the latest surgical, communications and operational technologies. These specialties include:

  1. Anesthesia
  2. Bariatrics
  3. Diagnostic Imaging
  4. Endovascular & Thoracic Surgery
  5. ENT
  6. General Surgery
  7. Gynecology
  8. Gynecologic Oncology
  9. Infectious Diseases
  10. Hand
  11. Infertility
  12. Internal Medicine
  13. Interventional Pain Management
  14. Interventional Radiology
  15. Joint Replacement
  16. Neurosurgery
  17. Oculoplastics
  18. Obstetrics
  19. Orthopedics
  20. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  21. Podiatry
  22. Pulmonology
  23. Retina & Macula
  24. Robotic Surgery
  25. Spine
  26. Sports Medicine
  27. Urology

How is he Miami Medical Center different from other hospitals in South Florida?

Proudly physician-owned, The Miami Medical Center is a hospital unlike any other in South Florida. At The Miami Medical Center, both domestic and international patients can expect world-class healthcare services delivered with excellence and personalized hospitality, with the facilities, care experience, organizational culture, and guest accommodations all designed to facilitate improved outcomes and the ultimate patient experience.

Our carefully selected group of physician owners has an active and direct role in the management and positioning of the hospital as members of the hospital board. Our physicians exert greater influence over clinical practices, all patients receive medical and surgical care directly from their physicians, and by focusing on a limited number of specialties and services, we can ensure the highest level of care in each of those areas.

What is The Miami Medical Center’s new vision for healthcare?

The physicians that have come together to create The Miami Medical Center believe that they can change healthcare forever, with improved patient outcomes. That vision first entails an active and direct role by the physician owners in the management and positioning of the hospital, as well as their greater involvement in establishing clinical practices; and second, a commitment to providing patient excellence. Patients of The Miami Medical Center, along with their companions, can expect to be welcomed and treated as a most important guest.

What services does The Miami Medical Center provide for international patients?

The same services we provide to our local patients in addition to support with travel accommodations. The Miami Medical Center is proud to offer tailored services catering to patients who visit from across the United States and around the globe. From the moment the patient contacts us via our physicians or our website, a holistic team delivers targeted care, which includes diagnostics, treatment options and recovery, ensuring that traveling patients receive all that is needed in one extended stay. This unique offering includes follow up services in Miami or abroad for all global patients, some of who may have second homes in the United States and choose The Miami Medical Center as their primary hospital for all the specialties we offer.

Services to accommodate domestic and global travel patients include:

  • Dedicated personal care coordinator and custom care team
  • Door-to-door concierge services, including airport pickup
  • Support via telephone services
  • Multilingual physicians, surgeons, nurses, and administrators
  • Bundled pricing packages for select procedures
  • Financial services to include coordinating cash pricing or working with international insurance carriers
  • Book air travel and recovery lodging with world-class resort and hotel partners
  • Track and facilitate follow-up care

What insurance does The Miami Medical Center accept? 

The Miami Medical Center accepts managed care plans from Aetna, Avmed (including AvMed Medicare Select), Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, CarePlus, CIGNA, Clover Health, HealthSpring, HealthSun, Humana, United Healthcare, United Healthcare Neighborhood and Workers’ Compensation.

Internationally, we accept health plans from Aetna International, Bupa (GeoBlue), BMI, Best Doctors, CorVel International, Global Excel, GMMI, Guardian Life of the Caribbean, Quality Health Management, RedBridge, Sanus, SunMed, and Vumi.

What improvements were made to The Miami Medical Center as part of the renovation?

To ensure the highest level of clinical care and a unique hospitality experience, The Miami Medical Center undertook complete renovations of the interior of the facility at a cost of more than $130 million and even added 25,000 square feet of space on the top floor. The renovations included the construction and furnishing of 67 luxury suites – ranging in size from 386 to 480 square feet – and 16 post-partum suites; nine larger-than-average operating rooms, outfitted with advanced medical technology; four labor & delivery rooms; and three cesarean rooms.

One of the operating rooms features the most modern version of the da Vinci surgical robot, which is uniquely suited for minimally invasive surgical procedures, and we have integrated innovative digital communications technologies throughout the facility to ensure that doctors and hospital staff are constantly connected and have access to patient data on a real-time basis.

How many rooms does The Miami Medical Center have?

The Miami Medical Center has been designed to provide extraordinary clinical care. We have 67 suites – ranging in size from 386 to 480 square feet – and 16 post-partum suites. The interior of the facility and the patient suites were designed with the consideration that more and more, when looking for a hospital, patients are looking for a complete healthcare experience that extends beyond excellent medical care. They expect to have access to accommodations and services that make them feel at ease, pampered, relaxed and comfortable.

How many birthing suites does The Miami Medical Center have?

The Miami Medical Center has four Labor & Delivery Rooms; and three Cesarean Rooms. In addition, there are 16 post-partum suites. We work in partnership with Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, ownership partner and a leading hospital for children, in the event that any premature newborns require a higher level of neonatal care.

Does The Miami Medical Center have a NICU?

Our plans include having a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit on site in the future. Currently, we work in partnership with Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in the event any premature newborns require a higher level of neonatal care.


May I schedule a procedure directly with the hospital or am I required to have a physician referral?

All patients are welcomed to choose The Miami Medical Center for their medical procedures. Most of our patients have an existing relationship with our credentialed physicians, but we gladly welcome the patients who are looking for a physician consultation. Patients can call us from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at (305) 267 TMMC (8662). To identify the doctors who are affiliated with the Miami Medical Center, please access the Physicians section of our website and search under the different specialty areas. We will put you in contact with the physician you select to discuss your condition and schedule an appointment.

 Are there any special requirements for international patients?

The Miami Medical Center welcomes international patients. Our website features an international section where patients can request and receive information about the services provided to international patients and any special requirements.

What is a Patient Ambassador?

Upon arrival at The Miami Medical Center, each patient is assigned a personal Patient Ambassador, who attends to special requests beyond medical care. Our Patient Ambassadors  make certain that every patient and their loved ones are taken care of beyond their expectations, all within medical discretion.

What should I bring to the hospital the day of my procedure?

Our clinical team will contact patients prior to the day of their procedure to inform them about all details, including what they should bring with them to the hospital.

What documentation is needed for registration?

After the scheduling process has been completed, the patient will need to provide valid identification, proof of insurance (if applicable) and form of payment.

Can I fill out any required paperwork before arriving at the hospital?

Yes, our Business Office will facilitate this feature for the patient once we receive and process a scheduling request.

What is the telephone number of The Miami Medical Center Business Office?

The Miami Medical Center Business Office (786) 646-4340

What is the telephone number of The Miami Medical Center Scheduling Department?

The Miami Medical Center Scheduling Department (786) 646-4000

How can I obtain medical records from the hospital?

By accessing the Medical Records section of our website.

Can I receive laboratory test results over the phone?

For the protection of our patients, HIPAA regulations do not allow providing laboratory test results over the telephone.


What are visitation hours?

Visitors are allowed at all hours of the day with the consent of the patient and his or her immediate family.

Are overnight visitors permitted?

Yes, overnight visitors are welcome in the patient suites.

What accommodations are available for members of the patient’s family or companions?

Every patient suite at The Miami Medical Center is equipped with either a full-size bed or fold-out couch for the use of overnight companions of the patient.

What food options are available for guests of patients?

The Miami Medical Center has a coffee shop and cafeteria on the premises that are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Room service is also available for patients and their guests who wish to order from the hospital’s a la carte gourmet menu offerings. Full room service is available from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and limited service is available from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m.

Where in the hospital is visitor parking located?

The visitor parking is located on the north side of the hospital. Proceed on the road to the west of the main building and cross the bridge over the canal.

How many visitors are allowed in a patient’s room at one time?

The number of visitors in a patient’s room is discretionary to every patient’s medical condition. Each patient’s situation is taken into account according to his or her needs and medical recommendations.

Are children allowed to visit patients?

Children are welcomed when accompanied by an adult who will be responsible for them at all times.

Are there restrictions on gifts/flowers that can be brought into the hospital?

There are no restrictions on gifts or flowers with the exception of latex balloons to avoid allergic reactions.